Webinar | E is for “Experience” creating e-commerce solutions that click


E-commerce is the driving engine for modern business. In fact, e-commerce revenue will reach 15 trillion globally by 2028. That’s trillion with a “t” — we’re sure not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

With the needs and expectations of the digital customer evolving faster than companies can transform, traditional e-commerce engines have run out of steam. Only 2.17% of e-commerce visits convert into purchases, which tells us it’s time for businesses to rethink how their monolithic architecture is driving, or stalling, their digital experience.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

  • Today’s e-commerce trends and where businesses are falling short
  • Why companies are choosing a composable commerce solution over monolithic solutions
  • How businesses are updating their tech to keep pace
  • Plus, hear from Richard Bilton of online mattress retailer Leesa, on how their composable commerce solution transformed business operations, boosted organic traffic and helped create a more personalized digital customer experiences



Richard Bilton

Director of Technology



Nick Barron

Sr. Director of Technical Enablement


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