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DX Summit Retailers Speak: New Research Unpacks the Toughest Digital Challenges

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In the “Retailers Speak: New Research Unpacks the Toughest Digital Challenges of the Next 12 Months” session, Contentstack Founder and CEO Neha Sampat and VP of the MACH Alliance Jasmin Guthmann zeroed in on the biggest marketing gaps retailers see between complexity and preparedness for the future, and offered solutions to help close them. They touched on:

  • Recent research that showed less than half of retailers believe they can effectively manage all aspects of their digital operations over the next 12 months

  • Marketers facing four gaps that will detract from their ability to match the pace of business:

    • consumer demand for personalization
    • difficulty managing omnichannel strategies
    • lack of speed
    • inadequate technology

  • And how MACH technology bridges these gaps and helps retailers succeed

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