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How to Create a Global Omnichannel Experience with Smartling and Slator

The world of ecommerce has fully gone global, and that means digital teams need to create experiences that perform across many channels AND many languages. In this workshop, Contentstack’s Director of Solutions Architects, Gal Oppenheimer, Smartling’s Head of Marketing, Adrian Cohn, and Florian Faes, Managing Director at Slator will show you how to build an automated workflow that helps you efficiently translate content into more languages faster, all while maintaining quality.

Watch now to learn:

  • How headless CMS and translation tools integrate for lightning-fast localization
  • How to build a workflow that ensures quality while accelerating time to market
  • The technological foundations for global omnichannel content experiences 


Gal Oppenheimer

Director of Solutions Architects


Adrian Cohn

Head of Marketing


Florian Faes

Managing Director