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DX Summit Session: Agile Omnichannel Personalization, Myth or Reality?

Deciding whether to start - or keep - investing into personalization? Research shows most businesses find it hard to say no - and yet, it’s an uphill battle to implement, and see returns from personalization initiatives.

Fortunately, the enterprise technology market leveraging microservices, API, cloud and headless (MACH) is adapting quickly to suit the omnichannel customer - and the busy teams that cater to them. MACH Alliance trailblazers Contentstack, Uniform and EPAM teamed up to prove it. In less than a business quarter, we stood up a fully functioning omnichannel customer journey that’s personalized from beginning to end.

 In this session, we’ll tell you:

  • How we did it
  • What we learned
  • Why you can do it too - and succeed


Peter Fogelsanger

Global Head of Partnerships


Neal Prescott

Vice President, Digital Technology


Lars Birkholm Petersen