Webinar | Part 3: The ABCs of composable commerce


In part 1, we showed you how going MACH* accelerates the journey towards building great experiences, drives ROI and simplifies complex processes. 

In part 2, our hosts guide you through the principles of MACH architecture, implementing the front end, and helpful tips on integrating the technology stacks.

Watch part 3 to see how to optimize and iterate your ecommerce shop for the best possible CX moving forward.

Hosts: Contentstack, BigCommerce, Cloudinary and Algolia 

Why? Empower your experts with the user-friendly help of:

  • BigCommerce’s easy-to-use ecommerce enablement

  • Cloudinary’s image and video management

  • Contentstack’s headless CMS powering swift content population, and 

  • Algolia making that content searchable instantly 

*Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, Headless

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Watch the webinar: