Headless CMS Survey Results: Taking a New and Improved Approach to Content Delivery


Headless CMS has quickly transformed from a relative unknown into a mainstream concept. Headless solutions can clear the digital backlog, let experts be experts, and help businesses provide the omnichannel content experiences consumers have come to expect. To understand the role of headless CMS in today’s industry, Contentstack partnered with CMSWire for the Headless CMS Awareness survey. 

We polled executives for their familiarity with headless content management systems, explored pain points with their current CMS, and uncovered the challenges and results of moving to a headless solution. We discovered that headless is here to stay, and it offers exciting new ways to connect businesses and consumers—but only if all invested parties work together.

Download the report to learn:

  •  Why so many companies are going headless
  •  How headless CMS impacts both IT and marketing teams
  •  Why omnichannel marketing and reusable content are driving change
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