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Forrester Report: Make Omnichannel Real in B2B Commerce

B2B buying and selling has been reshaped by B2C’s quick and efficient buying journeys. Buyers prefer to self-serve, but B2B’s nuances and complexities can be tricky. That’s why creating consistently high-quality buying experiences, across all touchpoints, is critical for digital business leaders.

“Businesses that win the hearts, minds, and wallets of their customers all have one thing in common: They allow their customers to operate in their preferred channel, seamlessly migrate between channels, and realize a consistently great experience regardless of channel.”
—Forrester, 2021

This Forrester report guides B2B commerce businesses in navigating the shift to a more digital-first, dynamic buying journey — one that serves customers where they are and when they’re in need.

Read this Forrester report to understand:

  • Common reasons why omnichannel commerce strategies fail
  • Key considerations for your B2B digital strategy
  • Seven steps to successful omnichannel commerce

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