Forrester Says Content Microservices and APIs Point Toward the Future Architecture of Digital Experiences

Compelled by the need to deliver content-rich digital interactions on mobile, web, and everywhere, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals supporting content management technologies are taking an API-first approach. They are adopting new headless content management systems (CMSes) from vendors like, Cloud CMS, Contentful, and Or, they are tapping into new API sets from web content management stalwarts like Hippo and SDL to unlock content. This microservices approach is the future of digital experience architectures.

Download this report and get full insight into the following things:

  1. Why content management and digital interactions span mobile, web, IoT.
  2. Why API-first ‘microservice architecture’ is being adopted by millennial architects.
  3. Options for building a headless CMS in-house (DIY) or going with a number of vendors, who are listed in this burgeoning field.

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