Forrester: A Practical Guide To Modern Content Strategy

How Tech Leaders Can Avoid Going Down The Content Rabbit Hole

With so many channels, journeys, technologies, and teams that content touches it is no surprise that many organizations feel like they are trying to “boil the ocean” when it comes to content strategy.

Forrester, leading global research and advisory firm, has recently released a practical guide to help companies break away from one-off content initiatives and take steps towards a future-proof, scalable strategy.

Access your complimentary copy to read more about Forrester’s three-part framework, based on technology, people, and process, that bridges silos with the right mix of strategy and technology — and serves as a guide for future content projects.

Download this report and get full insight into the following things:

  1. The common pitfalls that hobble content strategy
  2. Why tech and marketing teams must meet in the middle
  3. How to move from one-off, single-channel collaboration to a scalable model
  4. Best practices from brands like Johnson & Johnson, Perrigo, and Goodbaby

Citation: *Grannan M, Bonde A, Skinner R, Barber N, Huff E. A Practical Guide to Modern Content Strategy, Forrester Research, Inc., 21 October 2019.

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