The Vision of The Spectator and Contentstack

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The Spectator wanted to make strategic changes to replace their slow, unreliable WordPress system. When investigating a new digital strategy, it was clear that a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, headless (MACH) CMS platform was the right solution. Contentstack’s headless CMS checked all the technology boxes, but it was Contentstack’s focus on customer success that sealed the deal.

Since migrating to Contentstack's content management system, The Spectator achieved the following:

  • Webhooks, along with Contentstack's flexible architecture, gave the Spectator's development team the ability to integrate all the products they needed with the platform in an easy, modern, and low-cost way.
  • Conversion rates increased by 25% because developer time wasn't spent on trying to fix content-related issues instead they were able to focus on the frontend and customer experience.
  • Publishing time improved by 20%. In some cases, what used to take days now only takes hours.

Download a copy of this case study to learn more about how Contentstack's headless CMS has helped The Spectator meet its digital experience needs for today and the future.

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