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Hairstory Gives Marketers Creative Control with Headless CMS

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Hairstory was previously on a CMS that was mainly managed by the engineering team which meant there wasn’t a lot of flexibility for their marketing team to change images, words, or copy easily. To grow their brand and business, Hairstory knew they needed a new content management system that would allow their marketing team to improve customer experiences without burdening engineering with requests for every change.

Since migrating to Contentstack's CMS, Hairstory achieved the following:

  • The marketing team is now enabled to focus on building out customer experiences because they can make improvements without having to create an engineering ticket.
  • Hairstory was able to take a phased approach to implementation which allowed for continuous improvement with no big bang replatform.
  • They were able to have their first release out just 2 months from implementation

Download a copy of this case study to learn more about how Contentstack's headless CMS has helped Hairstory meet its digital experience needs for today and the future.

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