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Cartier improves brand integrity and operational excellence

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Cartier, the iconic luxury brand, operates over 200 stores in 125 countries. They deploy a range of digital experiences on multiple platforms. However, Cartier’s most substantial digital properties are its global, regional and issues-based websites connecting the brand to its stakeholders and customers. This vast array of websites presented a massive challenge, as updates and new content meant heavy demands on time and resources to reconfigure copious amounts of code. Ultimately, this led to poor brand alignment.

As part of a strategic drive to ensure consistent brand identity, improve digital experience quality and maximize the use of content while reducing technical support, Cartier chose Contentstack based on the interface that allows creative staff to make changes and publish content quickly — without interfering with technical users working with the underlying scripts.

Since partnering with Contentstack, Cartier accomplished the following:

  • Developed new websites in days
  • Ensured brand integrity throughout different initiatives
  • Realized a greater return on investment in content assets

“We have collapsed the time it takes for new sites to be developed from months to days, with early iterations of a new site submitted into our brand identity teams within hours. This has given our teams greater autonomy and means we combine agility and speed with a premium, high-end digital experience.”

— Anastasia Goglova, International Digital Lead

Download the case study to learn how Contentstack’s headless content experience platform delivered brand integrity and operational efficiencies.

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