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Akind uses Contentstack to scale content across multiple brands

Centralized content management enables more efficient content creation, and allows for high-quality, reliable digital experiences across 7 regions.

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Akind chose Contentstack’s Composable DXP to scale content production across three websites that serve its growing sub-brands in the recruitment space. By leveraging Contentstack, Akind is able to centralize content into a single source of truth, improve editorial freedom, and localize seamlessly to meet the specific needs of seven different locales.

The challenge

Akind is a family of brands in the recruitment space, and under the Akind umbrella are several brands specializing in helping professionals land new roles and find career-building resources. Academic Work is one of the leading job placement companies in Sweden, with operations in six countries. As well as Academic Work, Akind manages Brights, a learning company that specializes in reskilling, upskilling and consulting; Winona, specialists in middle-management recruitment; and Crowd Collective — an IT consultancy for the recruitment of senior management roles. Combined, these brands make up an extensively impactful brand portfolio.

Akind’s websites attract two distinct visitor types — clients looking to find top talent, and candidates looking for a new job or training opportunity. Conversion relies on a strong user experience, so that candidates will apply for jobs or sign up to receive newsletters.  Customer activation comes from downloading content, attending a webinar, or submitting a contact form. Across both audiences, every aspect of engagement depends on the ease of use of Akind’s online experience, and the company has structured their content journey to drive conversions from a diverse audience with a wide range of professional service needs.

The solution

Akind chose Contentstack because they knew it wasn’t feasible to create their own CMS in-house, and wanted a more agile solution that would plug into their existing marketing stack. In addition to enjoying greatly simplified content management, the Akind team recently relaunched their Brights website in an accelerated time frame by using the Contentstack platform.

“Having centralized content management within Contentstack made the whole transition from internal content production to external really easy,” Leo Hård af Segerstad, Digital Marketing Strategist, Akind, said. “The whole experience has been really smooth.” 

Akind uses Contentstack Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to manage content across their primary website and four sub-brands, and to localize content for seven disparate locales. Almost the entire digital experience is managed with Contentstack, and all products and services, articles and insights are managed through the Contentstack platform, serving as Akind’s content engine and single source of truth. Contentstack has been integral in adding efficiencies to the way the team works and introduces new marketing elements to their websites. 

“We are continually implementing new content marketing, and just the fact that I can set up a new page template based on the components we already have, and that I can do it all myself is really nice, ” Hård af Segerstad said. “One thing I’m really impressed with and I use all the time is Content Preview. It’s so easy and fast to work with, and allows me to make sure my content looks exactly how I want it before I hit publish.”

Akind is also now able to meet its goals for localization, translating and adapting content to suit its brands across six countries, and seven locales. “Language support is my favorite Contentstack feature” Mia Placht, Product Owner Corporate Web, Akind, said. “We can easily translate and replicate content across all of our locales, and also create unique content for specific audiences. If for example, content doesn’t apply to a specific market, we can easily create something unique for that region instead.”

The results

We have had other CMS solutions, but none have the reliability that comes with Contentstack. We have one system to work in, where we know we can adjust content easily, and still keep the level of quality and functionality that we need. A web editor who knows nothing about web development or coding can go into the CMS, update what they need, create new pages and launch it, and we have no worries that anything will break. We feel completely safe. This allows everyone to work so much more efficiently, and is our main reason for using Contentstack over other solutions.

Leo Hård af Segerstad | Digital Marketing Strategist

Akind has leveraged Contentstack across all of its brands to make content operations more flexible and resilient. Looking ahead, the team would like to personalize content towards the needs of different audiences, and target communication more intentionally to present the right journey to different visitors. 

Akind’s key wins with Contentstack: 

  • Localization across seven regions: Content can be translated, localized or adapted to meet demands across six countries and seven regions, helping the company to reach conversion goals globally.
  • One centralized place for all content: Marketing and Development teams can manage all of their assets from a single location, no matter the country or the brand. 
  • Full visibility from inside the CMS: Editors can visualize published content ahead of time, and make smart changes with efficiency and speed. 


Akind is a family of brands working together to unlock the growth potential of people and companies. Headquartered in Stockholm, it currently has operations in six countries, more than 10,000 employees, sales exceeding €450 million – and is experiencing continued growth. Akind brands include Academic Work, Brights, Winona, and Crowd Collective


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