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Technology Partner

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Company Description

Smartling integrates with Contentstack and other popular content management systems with a pre-built integration, https web proxy, or fully customizable API. Smartling’s translation management system is the #1 rated platform by users on G2 because it establishes the most automated translation workflows for hundreds of customers worldwide. From the TMS, developers and marketers can easily project manage the entire translation pipeline: workflows, cloud-based translation memory, communication with translators, automated quality controls, and the most comprehensive set of translation analytics in the industry.

Smartling also has the most comprehensive CAT Tool, which is the interface in which translators transform content from English into the target languages. The CAT Tool is also cloud-based, jam-packed with comprehensive features - the standout of which is visual context, a dynamic WYSIWIG editor to ensure translations are contextually appropriate for the content type and design. Finally, Smartling’s language translation services offers the most direct relationship with translators on the market. Our team of project managers staffs customer accounts with a domain and language specific translator who you will come to know and trust to create your brand’s end user experience. Smartling is a venture-backed company with hundreds of customers. HQ’d in New York with offices throughout Europe, Smartling is well positioned to connect you with your customers anywhere, today.

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