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IBM Watson is a supercomputer combining the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-tech analytical software to analyze data in profound ways. Watson has found its place in many industries and it's capable of doing amazing things, including “diagnosing cancer,” “personal shopping assistance,” “empowering driverless cars,” “cooking assistance,” “directing a movie,” “curbing cyber-crimes,” and so on.



Armonk, New York, United States

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IBM Watson

Using a Contentstack,  you can embed and display information from your IBM Watson account directly into Contentstack's headless CMS environment. The extension integrates your existing IBM Watson with Contenstack’s UI and allows you to retrieve and display the details on your entry page. Additionally, Contentstack allows you to start and pause IBM Watson directly from the sidebar, and view the required details.

Contentstack and IBM Watson Integration Use Cases

Contentstack’s Experience Extensions for IBM Watson opens up a lot of possibilities. Here are some real-world use case examples:

Content Analysis

You can perform different types of analysis on the content of your web pages, such as sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and content categorization.

Product Categorization

If you run an ecommerce company, IBM Watson can help you categorize products to enhance search operations and user experience.

Text Classification

Using the IBM Watson's Natural Language Classifier, you can easily categorize text with custom labels to automate workflows, extract insights, and improve search and discovery.