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One of the core challenges e-commerce customers often face is the difficulty in retrieving product-specific information. This is due to the massive amount of product and customer data that is stored in the databases. If users don't get what they want quickly, they'll be dissatisfied. Elasticsearch is a search engine that solves this problem through its document-oriented database architecture. It stores data in JSON document format which can be retrieved using queries. Its unique analyzer for indexing with automatic type guessing, as well as its high precision make Elasticsearch a widely adopted tool in the industry.

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The flexible architecture of Contentstack makes it possible to integrate any third-party application with Contentstack. And with Elasticsearch, Contentstack integrates seamlessly. The combined powers of Contentstack and Elasticsearch can offer you the best search integration solution possible. If your website is powered by Contentstack, adding Elasticsearch to your website is simple and can boost your website performance, especially if you are an e-commerce business.

Contentstack and Elasticsearch Integration Use Cases

Speed With the Ability to Manage Large Data Volumes

Contentstack along with Elasticsearch can greatly improve search responses. Due to the schema-less architecture, Elasticsearch can retrieve data in 10 milliseconds as opposed to 10 seconds with SQL database management systems. So your Contentstack-powered website becomes capable of handling multiple queries from large data volumes.

Support for Multilingual

Through the ICU plugin that is used to index multilingual content, Elasticsearch allows content in multiple languages to be supported. Contentstack's support for localization pairs efficiently with Elasticsearch. Together, Contentstack and Elasticsearch help you go global.

Customer Satisfaction

Websites powered by Contentstack and Elasticsearch deliver a high-performing and accurate search experience that can immensely improve customer satisfaction. When visitors can easily and quickly find the content, products, and services they need it creates a smooth path to conversion.