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Fetch digital assets (images and videos) from your Bynder account into a field of an entry.

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Fetch digital assets (images and videos) from your Bynder account into a field of an entry.

Contentstack's Marketplace apps offer a variety of ways to integrate third-party applications, such as Bynder, directly into your headless CMS. With this, you can streamline the process of managing and sharing digital assets across multiple platforms.

Using a Contentstack Custom Field, you can integrate Bynder with Contentstack directly. You can create an entry in Contentstack, the app will ensure that you are able to view the digital assets within your CMS.

Use Cases

Manage Bynder digital media with ease: Contentstack's integration with Bynder allows you to link all your Bynder digital assets with ease. To access your Bynder assets, you don't have to leave your CMS. Instead, the integration allows the Bynder portal to open in the entry of your content type and you can choose and insert the assets within your entry page.

Get better control over all your marketing resources: The integration allows you to manage the entire content lifecycle of your marketing strategy. You can create content in Contentstack and use the Bynder Custom Field Extension to insert digital assets in your content. The integration provides a single solution to manage all your marketing resources inside your CMS.

Simplify sharing and distribution of digital assets: With Bynder's integration with Contentstack, your geographically dispersed teams can easily create, share, and distribute content. This makes it possible to execute large-scale marketing campaigns with cross-functional teams.


Custom Field

While creating entries, you can select one or more images, videos, or documents as the input value for the field from your Bynder account.

Who can install

This Bynder app can be installed by:

  • Organization administrators
  • Stack administrators





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Bynder is the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), providing the most powerful and scalable SaaS solution for brand management. Recognized for its intuitive user experience, Bynder helps more than 1,000,000 users across over 1,800 organizations, including Spotify, Puma, and Icelandair, to create, share and organize the full lifecycle of their digital content in the cloud.


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