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Brightcove is a cloud-based, video hosting platform built for the enterprise, marketers, publishers, and broadcasters. This video hosting platform acts as a comprehensive solution for your video needs. It includes many powerful features, such as video playback, library management, content management, HTML5 video, ingest and transcoding, and social sharing.

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Contentstack and Brightcove Integration Use Cases

Marketing Videos for Corporate Websites

If you host your site’s marketing videos in Brightcove, by connecting your Brightcove account with Contentstack’s headless CMS you can easily find and add videos for any of your marketing and campaign pages without leaving your CMS.

Video Library

Managing a video library in a CMS can be daunting, especially if it contains hundreds of videos. Using Contentstack’s Experience Extensions to integrate with an industry-leading video platform like Brightcove to present an easily digestible video gallery to content editors and end-users helps streamline processes and increase efficiency.

In-App Product Tutorials

If your app provides tutorials, product demos, or onboarding videos for the user's journey, by syncing Brightcove with your CMS, content managers can pick and choose which video to display for each step.

Video Playlists

You can create and manage entire video playlists for your site or your application. Simply add the Brightcove Experience Extension and compose playlists from a drop-down list.