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Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that powers numerous translation systems in organizations. It is one of the key players in the market, capable of delivering fast and high-quality language translation solutions. Its translation engine (neural machine translation) is powered by deep learning models that deliver more accurate, natural, and real-time translations of your content. By using Amazon Translate, you can localize a large volume of your app or website's content.

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Amazon Translate

Use Cases 

Deliver Content to Your Global Customers

By integrating Contentstack with Amazon Translate, you can translate content in your CMS to the language of your choice. This empowers businesses to easily deliver content to a wide range of audiences anywhere in the world.

Reduced Overheads Involved in Translation

Amazon Translate integrates with Contentstack seamlessly. The complexities involved in real-time, batch content translation is taken care of through an API call. Thus, incorporating it with your existing application workflow is simple.

A Single Solution for All Your Translation Needs

The integration of Contentstack with Amazon Translate gives all team members involved in the translation process a single platform on which to collaborate. A single powerful solution allows team members anywhere in the world to work on content in a specific language in Contentstack.

They can then translate it to another language and share it securely with others within your CMS. This not only optimizes team productivity but also ensures consistent and accurate enhancements with quick delivery.