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MonkeyLearn is a text mining cloud platform that allows you to analyze text and extract relevant data using Machine Learning (ML). It provides text analysis and intelligence services such as SEO recommendations, keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, and more. This platform helps you save hours of manual data processing to get better insights from your data.

MonkeyLearn Integration Overview

Contentstack’s Experience Extensions offer a variety of ways to integrate third-party applications, such as MonkeyLearn, directly into your headless CMS. Integrating MonkeyLearn into your CMS lets your team leverage the insights provided by artificial intelligence (AI) to improve search engine optimization for web pages, reduce time spent managing metadata, and more!

Using a Contentstack Custom Widget, you can integrate the MonkeyLearn tool into your Content Type which will analyze the content of your entries and display the relevant information directly into the CMS environment. This widget analyzes your data and recommends content ideas and suggestions based on the analysis. This Experience Extension allows content managers to better understand user behavior.

Contentstack and MonkeyLearn Integration Use Cases

Contentstack’s Experience Extensions for MonkeyLearn opens up a lot of possibilities. Here are some real-world use case examples:

Keyword Extraction

You can use this widget to extract highly-relevant SEO keywords from your content. The ‘Keyword Extraction’ model is part of this extension that you can readily use.

Sentiment Analysis

If you are running social media campaigns or creating content on sensitive topics, MonkeyLearn ‘sentiment analysis’ model can help. It identifies if the given text expresses sentiments that are positive, negative, or neutral.

Retail Classifier

It recommends tags (or categories) based on the given text. This is useful in the case for e-commerce or retail shopping sites.

Step-By-Step: How to Integrate MonkeyLearn with Your CMS

To integrate your content management system with MonkeyLearn, follow these steps:

  1. Create a MonkeyLearn Custom Widget

    Create and configure a MonkeyLearn Custom Widget. You can define exactly how the integration will work, what content it should work with, and what information should be displayed. Typically, a developer will perform this step. Check the documentation for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Add the MonkeyLearn Custom Widget

    Add a Custom Widget to your Content Type and select MonkeyLearn as the Extension.
  3. Test MonkeyLearn Custom Widget in Your Entries

    You should be able to see the MonkeyLearn Custom Widget in your content entries. Test it by select it to analyze your content and ensure it's working properly.

    To learn more about how to set up the MonkeyLearn extension, refer to our in-depth guide or visit our GitHub repository to review the sample code.

Questions? Ideas?

If you have any questions about the way the MonkeyLearn Extension works or have ideas about other third-party app extensions, please contact us at – we'd love to hear from you!