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Algolia is a leading search-as-a-service platform. It is a trusted partner for thousands of companies to help them implement search on their mobile and web apps. It quickly delivers relevant search experiences for users. Algolia is meticulously designed for speed and provides lightning-fast search results. With prefix matching for as-you-type search, result highlighting, and a powerful ranking formula, Algolia is the go-to solution for all your search operations. Through its powerful APIs, Algolia has emerged as a game-changer for many companies by helping them optimize search results.

Algolia Integration Overview

The flexible and robust architecture of Contentstack allows you to integrate with any third-party application. And with Algolia, Contentstack integrates seamlessly. The combined abilities of Contentstack and Algolia can offer you the best search integration solution possible. If you have a Contentstack-powered website, adding Algolia to it is simple and can boost performance, especially if you are an e-commerce business.

Contentstack and Algolia Integration Use Cases

Contentstack’s Experience Extensions for Algolia opens up a lot of possibilities. Here are some real-world use case examples:

Lightning Fast Search Operations

Algolia is all about speed and combining it with Contentstack can greatly improve your app's search responses. It enables you to customize and pull in results from multiple places (different parts of your apps). This is exactly what customers want: speed, support, and reliability.

Perfect Solution for E-commerce Platforms

Algolia is perfectly suited for e-commerce businesses. By integrating your Contentstack-powered website with Algolia, your customers can retrieve the exact product they are looking for (and its details) from a huge array of products. E-commerce customers need quick and exact results and Algolia combined with Contentstack is the perfect duo.

Step-By-Step: How to Integrate Algolia with Your CMS

To integrate Algolia with Contentstack, perform the following steps.

  1. Create an account in Algolia

    First, you need to create an account in Algolia. It provides an intuitive dashboard for managing searches and analytics. You can start with a trial account or even purchase a complete license and benefit from their full range of services.
  2. Create an AWS Lambda Function

    By using the AWS Lambda Function, you can automate the process of adding new pieces of content to Algolia every time any content changes in your website or an app. If you don't want to use the Lambda Function, you can instead create a dedicated application to perform the task and have it installed on your server.

    If you are using the Lambda Function, the next step is to set up the API gateway and deploy it for your Lambda Function.
  3. Set up a webhook in Contentstack

    The next step is to set up a webhook in Contentstack, which will initiate the Lambda Function when any content is updated in your website or app. Use the deployed API address as a "URL to Notify" during the webhook setup. Contentstack will then trigger the webhook on this URL every time an entry/asset is updated so that it gets rendered in search operations.

    To learn more about how to set up the Algolia integration, refer to our in-depth guide or contact our support team at to review the sample code.

Questions? Ideas?

If you have any questions about the way the Algolia integration works or have ideas about other third-party app integrations, send us an email at