The State of Digital Experience Investment in the United Kingdom


Enterprise Ambitions Outpace Legacy Investments

Faced with COVID-19’s impact on business priorities, enterprise businesses are increasingly turning to digital transformation for a competitive advantage. But a new survey conducted by Contentstack finds a growing realisation that their technology doesn’t match their ambitions and that significant financial obstacles block their path. Surprisingly, companies end up wasting, on average, a quarter of their digital experience (DX) investment.

This whitepaper summarizes the survey results of 100 business, marketing, and technology leaders of UK enterprise companies and analyses the gap between current tools and digital transformation ambitions. Download now to learn more about:

  • The state of DX investment
  • Why integrations are the #1 culprit of wasted investments
  • Why companies typically use only half of their DX tool kit
  • Why legacy technology falls short of DX goals
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