To ensure Parrot stayed ahead of the curve in the competitive IoT space, digital agency BeyondCurious needed to source a lightweight, API-first, cloud-based tool that its client could use to produce their mobile app, Parrot Trainer. The app would also need to be up and running in weeks, adding an extra layer of pressure to find a best-of-breed solution that would suit the drone company's needs.

BeyondCurious learned that Parrot relied on a JSON monolithic CMS content management solution that was cobbled together in-house. Although it maintained standard functionality, Parrot relied heavily on outside developers to implement even the simplest of changes. With constant releases in a wide range of new products, the team often struggled to make quick, efficient updates to content.

BeyondCurious identified that Parrot needed a solution that would allow them to take control of changes. It also needed a streamlined system that required no coding and could be updated quickly by anyone on the team. The agency decided that a headless CMS would best serve Parrot’s technical aspirations, but many providers that BeyondCurious researched lacked the functionality to serve Parrot’s business requirements in parallel – particularly the need for a user-friendly interface that would allow Parrot to make realtime changes to the app without the help of a developer – a key structural component that would enable the long-term scalability. BeyondCurious then discovered Contentstack headless CMS solution.

"The difference is night at day. Before, content was run through JSON. The only way to update anything was to have a developer touch it. The process was difficult to say the least. We wanted to migrate the Parrot app to Contentstack because the interface is so simple anyone can make updates, quickly and easily."

– Efren Toscano, Project Manager, BeyondCurious


Contentstack content management solution is API-first and decouples code from content. It features an intuitive interface that enables business users to upload content in a form rather than having to look at code. BeyondCurious concluded that the clean UI perfectly served Parrot’s business and technical requirements.

After assessing Contenstack, BeyondCurious decided the best long-term solution would be to use the headless CMS to build Parrot’s mobile app. With minimal training, BeyondCurious was able to ensure the transition was seamless so the Parrot team could take over post-migration and easily make updates to their app without technical support.

By leveraging Contentstack, Parrot’s platform improved in the following ways:

  1. Ease of use — Contentstack enables the Parrot team to use the tool with no in-house technical support.
  2. Eciency — The new system allows Parrot to make changes to its platform quickly.
  3. Simplicity and control — The integration of the new system was easy and intuitive.

"Being prepared for new technology is incredibly important to Parrot. Contentstack makes it possible to point content to mobile and to any other screen, IoT device, or other need that comes up in the future."

– Efren Toscano, Project Manager, BeyondCurious


The Parrot team describes the difference between its new and old system as night and day. The team can now easily manage content and make realtime updates without the need for hand coding or hiring a third-party agency. Although the application’s original focus was to assist store representatives with sales, customers soon began downloading it for personal use. This led to Parrot splitting the app into two sections; one for sales reps and one for customers.

Contentstack allowed Parrot to easily make the updates required for this shift in use, and the once exclusively sales-oriented tool quickly expanded to include notifications and automated support for Parrot customers. “The ability to pivot, be agile, and listen to data is crucial for businesses. Contentstack helps our clients do just that,” says Toscano.

In addition to meeting Parrot’s content management goals, Contentstack also met the agency goals of BeyondCurious: To help Parrot make a smooth transition to a headless CMS and eliminate the need for excessive tech support and training on the new system. This new user-friendly CMS has given Parrot the ability to scale long term, save on resources and take control over content.

"The team behind Contentstack is amazing to work with. We had the assurance that no matter what challenges were going to come during this transition, we would be able to meet them."

– Efren Toscano, Project Manager, BeyondCurious