Webinar | Why Go Headless CMS? The Impact on Marketing Agility and Cost Effectiveness
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Ayla Networks Saves $50k Annually with Headless Content Management Solution

Ayla Networks was using a disparate system and process to manage its digital experience, which included WordPress CMS alongside the professional services of a digital agency for updates and changes. The architecture and content structure of WordPress didn’t align well with the website’s format, making it difficult and time-consuming to navigate, locate pages, or find assets. Employees didn’t have a staging environment to preview content before it went live, which made publishing a nightmare.

By moving to Contentstack headless CMS, Ayla Networks’ team achieved the following things:

  1. It made creating, updating, and managing content very easy with tools that anyone – even business users – could use to make changes to web content. This eliminated the cost, concern, and bottleneck of having to rely on highly trained technical staff.
  2. The new platform’s architectural structure provided peace-of-mind. By decoupling content management from web servers, the website would remain operational even if Contentstack were to ever become unavailable.
  3. Contentstack’s professional services team made the migration painless. By sparing internal developer time, resources were freed-up, thus enabling the team to invest in fine-tuning content and improving SEO.

Download a copy of this case study to follow Ayla Network's decision to move to a headless, API-first CMS after having experienced and facing many challenges while working with WordPress, like a lack of staging and multiple environments, a heavy reliance on developers to make basic changes, and an inflexible CMS infrastructure that didn't fit the website's format.