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Contentstack Beefs Up Performance, Security and Mobile Features

Nov 16, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ –®, a pioneer in headless content management system (CMS) technology, today unveils substantial feature enhancements in a major architectural upgrade to its API-first CMS,® Contentstack™. Reporting strong growth – particularly across Europe – the company has seen record adoption and marquee customer wins, including telecommunications Europe's leading online digital photo service PhotoBox and Swiss logistics service provider Competec. Contentstack's new features include a complete refactoring and optimization of the underlying database, resulting in major performance improvements to the core content management engine. In addition, the headless CMS now offers turnkey integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). By partnering with Fastly – a leading, real-time CDN provider – Contentstack can guarantee high performance access to content anywhere in the world.

The CDN is directly integrated with Contentstack's Content API, which extends the performance benefits not just to websites, but also to mobile and IoT apps. In addition to lightning fast content, the new CDN provides reliability and resilience due to its ability to load-balance and dynamically poll the most responsive server. The CDN is enabled by default and requires no setup or maintenance by customers.

In response to European customers' requests, the latest release adds new language-based permissions and the ability to set any language as the master language, making Contentstack particularly well suited for international companies, non-English-speaking users and multi-lingual content.

"We operate an international business serving customers across many regions, so having a CMS that makes it easy to navigate multiple locales and languages is critical for our success," said Taher Khaliq, Director of eCommerce Platforms at PhotoBox. " Contentstack's new mutli-lingual enhancements and versatile API align with our need to deliver content optimized for a geographically distributed and diverse customer base."

With two-factor authentication and the ability for developers to add authentication to Webhooks, Contentstack also adds two highly anticipated security enhancements in its update.

"Compelled by the need to deliver content-rich digital interactions on mobile, Web and everywhere, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals supporting content management technologies are taking an API-first approach," write Ted Schadler and Mark Grannan at Forrester Research, in the March 2016 report 'The Rise Of The Headless Content Management System'. "New 'Millennial architects' are already using headless CMS tools alongside multiple other sets of API-first microservices to build out new digital products."

"API-first (aka "headless") CMS brings to content management the same architecture, benefits and best practices that are quickly transforming every other facet of IT, from application development to system integration," said Nishant Patel, CTO at "Already, over one third of CMS use cases we see are non-web and we expect the number of CMS deployments for mobile and IoT to continue to rise sharply."


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