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Contentstack Brings World's Leading AI Solutions Directly into Its Content Experience Platform

March 21st, 2019

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SAN FRANCISCO March 21, 2019/PRNewswire/Contentstack the leading Content Experience Platform, today introduced pre-built integrations for the world's leading AI solutions from Amazon, Google, IBM and Salesforce. Using Contentstack's widgets, AI is embedded directly in the CMS and available throughout a user's workflow, delivering a seamless in-context experience. Developers can now build deeper integrations than ever before and provide marketers with insights to make faster, more informed, data-driven decisions.

"By bringing intelligence into the CMS, we are making it easy to extend the value of an organization's AI implementation," said Neha Sampat, Chief Executive Officer for Contentstack. "This is yet another example of why the headless approach is superior to traditional CMS suites, where you end up locked into whatever your CMS vendor's AI add-on can or cannot do. However, unlike other headless CMSes, this goes significantly beyond a simple API integration with a random AI. With Contentstack, you're able to incorporate what's truly best-in-class from a technology perspective, while also making it seamless and intuitive to use for marketers and content managers."

Contentstack created pre-built widgets to connect to leading AI solutions including IBM Watson, Google AI, Salesforce Einstein, Amazon Lex and Rekognition, and MonkeyLearn's text analysis. Customers can choose one or more AI engines and build an AI portfolio that best suits their use cases, while retaining the option to easily and quickly upgrade to a more advanced AI at any time. Furthermore, the insights provided by the artificial intelligence are embedded directly into the Contentstack Editor Experience, giving marketers the contextual insights they need to make better decisions.

Gartner's 2019 CIO Survey determined that AI implementations grew by 270 percent over the past four years, and 37 percent in 2018 alone. The research firm attributes that growth to the "maturation" of AI capabilities and how quickly AI has become an "integral part" of digital strategies.

AI has the potential to predict and automate tasks that are less efficient for developers and marketers to do themselves. With Contentstack's new AI widgets, users can select the type of AI function to perform on the data directly from within Contentstack. For example, marketers can improve search engine optimization (SEO) for web pages and reduce time spent managing metadata. AI can make proactive recommendations such as the optimal blog title or best metadata tags. Because the AI is embedded directly into the Contentstack platform, marketers can now use AI in their natural workflow, rather than adding yet another tool to their stack.

"Embedded AI is the future of Digital Experience Platforms," added Sampat. "Developers and marketers who aren't tapping the full potential of AI risk losing out to competitors using smarter tools to make smarter decisions."

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