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2024 Contentstack Experience Awards Finalists Recognized for Digital Excellence

May 22nd, 2024

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Winners will be announced at ContentCon, Contentstack’s annual customer conference in Austin, TX

AUSTIN, Texas – May 22, 2024 – Contentstack, the leading Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provider, today announced the finalists for its 2024 Contentstack Experience Awards (CXAs). The awards recognize businesses for breakthrough innovation, integration, transformation, or effectiveness in composable architecture. Winners will be announced at ContentCon, Contentstack’s annual customer conference in Austin, TX June 6.

“Brands need to pursue excellence in customer experience today more than ever before,” explained Gurdeep Dhillon, Contentstack’s CMO. “The finalists we’re celebrating today have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in digital experiences, delivering real business results. Their innovation, creativity, and relentless pursuit of passion inspire us every day. We are proud to celebrate their success and showcase the transformative impact they are making on their industries.”

The finalists for the 2024 CXAs are:

Most Innovative Project: Leveraged composable technology in an innovative way, or to drive customer experience innovation. 

Brad’s Deals, a leading deal site for shoppers, tackled the challenge of error-prone, manual, and inefficient deal publishing. By leveraging Contentstack's CMS and its Automate solution, Brad's Deals automated the ingestion of product data, AI-generated captions, link creation, and field validation. The integration of Contentstack's App framework and third-party tools enabled a live-updating dashboard and sidebar widget for deal editors, allowing real-time collaboration. This innovative solution resulted in a 3x increase in products, a 10x increase in images, a 70% reduction in cost per subscriber, and a 99% decrease in time to live, from months to hours. 

ASICS, supported by technology consultant, Grid Dynamics, has been named a finalist in the Most Innovative Project category for their rapid overhaul of a legacy content setup. With just five months to execute, the team redesigned content types, established an optimal stack decomposition architecture, leveraged Contentstack Automate to implement integrations and automations, and designed end-to-end CI/CD flows. Key solutions included 13 custom extensions for SEO, content propagation across 32 locales, and CTA label localization. The outcome of this ambitious initiative is an agile content setup that enables global and regional teams to create digital experiences with speed and efficiency— solution that proved its mettle by performing flawlessly during the ultimate stress test, Black Friday!

Most Successful Composable Transformation: Brand went from monolith to composable, demonstrating business benefit

Itaú Unibanco has been recognized for its ambitious overhaul of their technology infrastructure, covering over 2,000 pages. Aiming to help the bank move quickly and stay competitive in the digital landscape, without disrupting services, Itaú adopted a decoupled architecture, enabling low-impact development and deployment of upgrades. This seamless integration with existing infrastructure, including asset management, CDN, and martech stack, led to remarkable results: a 400% improvement in page loading, indexing, and accessibility, a 26% reduction in bounce rate, and a 70% increase in publishing speed.

Air France KLM has demonstrated remarkable innovation in unifying their tech stacks to streamline content operations.  As one of the first users of Contentstack's Taxonomy feature, Air France KLM delivered truly reusable content designed for user-centricity and prepared for use by large language models and personalization. This forward-thinking solution is projected to yield impressive results: a 50% reduction in development costs, a 20% decrease in service line calls, and 15% reduction in translation costs.

Best Integrated Technology Project: Leveraged several integrated composable technologies to benefit their business or improve customer experience.

Evinova-AstraZeneca is nominated for their reinvention of the drug clinical trials customer experience. Evinova has seamlessly integrated medical devices, questionnaires, telehealth solutions, and more into a comprehensive online portal. The platform also integrates with an automated translation ecosystem, insights, and demand management tools. The results are transformative: improved patient experience, enhanced study adherence, accelerated drug-to-market timing, and reduced carbon emissions. 

Dawn Foods is recognized for their agile migration of 19 corporate sites to Contentstack, centralizing global content management. Leveraging composable technology, the brand created a content and commerce ecosystem to power their global sites. Notably, the brand leveraged Contentstack Automate to integrate with Algolia, and implemented Contentstack Live Preview and workflows across 19 locales. The project also featured seamless integration with Brandfolder, Pardot, Salesforce, and social media sharing. This transformation has resulted in a remarkable 52% increase in site sessions and a 27% rise in pageviews. 

Agency Partner of the Year: Dedicated to delivering innovation and success through the Contentstack partnership.

Orium has been nominated for their exceptional collaboration with Contentstack, showcasing a true partnership that drives innovation and leadership in the composable space. Together, they have supported several joint customers, such as FilterEasy, with impactful digital transformations. Their collaborative efforts have played a pivotal role in advancing the composable ecosystem alongside Contentstack.

EPAM is recognized for a robust partnership with Contentstack delivering transformation for businesses globally, supported by 200 engineers trained specifically in Contentstack solutions. A highlight of the partnership is the recent launch of EPAM's Salesforce + Contentstack Composable Accelerator, a strategic initiative that underscores their innovative spirit. Additionally, EPAM has successfully delivered digital experience success for major joint customers including Johnson & Johnson, Paula’s Choice, and Mr. Bricolage. 

Tech Partner of the Year: Delivering innovation and success through leveraging their composable technology together with Contentstack.

Commercetools is nominated for collaborating with Contentstack in delivering joint composable commerce excellence for many major commerce and retail brands. For example, the company supported Dawn Foods in revolutionizing their digital commerce strategy. By implementing a modern commerce architecture with commercetools and Contentstack, Dawn Foods created net-new eCommerce capabilities, allowing customers to manage accounts, browse full product catalogs, and (re)order with ease. 

Bynder is nominated for many successful collaborations with Contentstack supporting global businesses in delivering digital experience excellence. For example, the company jointly with Contentstack significantly supported the digital transformation of Schroders, a global asset management company, by addressing their challenge of localizing content across multiple regions. Combined with the best-in-breed capabilities of Contentstack, Bynder enabled Schroders to enhance agility in content creation and delivery to improve user experiences across 32 countries and over 100 websites. And for Schroders' 2020 Sustainability campaign with Bynder's Asset Workflow supporting content creation, management, and distribution, the brand achieved a remarkable 352% increase in website traffic year-on-year.

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