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Headless CMS industry news

Aug 2

MACH Alliance advocates for composability

Digital Nation - Australia

Not-for-profit industry body MACH Alliance is advocating for a vendor-neutral, composable approach to technology integrations. Jerry Nott, regional director APAC at Contentstack, one of the founding partners of MACH Alliance, spoke at the first MACH event in Sydney last week. 

Mar 14

3 Ways Retailers Can Reshape Their Digital Experience

Total Retail

Retailers and e-commerce players struggled with everything 2021 had to offer, from supply chain issues, delayed inventory, empty shelves, and a scarcity of talent. Based on close work alongside e-commerce and retailers and market observations, here’s how to approach 2022 with smart and tried strategies, with the focus on digital experiences and customer journeys.

Mar 11

Rolls-Royce and Lufthansa Share Digital Aviation Strategies

Technology Magazine

Unplanned downtime due to aircraft defects and spontaneous repair work is extremely costly for airlines. Before the pandemic, the costs most recently amounted to around US$62bn annually. As the aviation industry continues to power globalisation, how are airlines and engine manufacturers using digital strategy to ensure that data can transform their clients’ capabilities?

Mar 7

Contentstack Partners with Conscia


Contentstack will be working with Conscia to bring headless personalization to their existing and prospective Content Experience Platform (CXP) customers. Conscia’s API-first DXG orchestrates personalized content across all customer touchpoints from a central point of control, giving business teams an intuitive way to manage personalization logic.

Mar 7

Where Next for MACH? The Dawn of the Mature, Composable Architecture Market

ERP Today

As we move into the second quarter of 2022, MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) architecture has become common parlance amongst IT leadership facing the demands of digital transformation.

Mar 1

16 Tech Experts Share Advice For Companies Considering An AI Plan


Many organizations have found artificial intelligence to be a game-changer when it comes to boosting productivity and efficiency. However, shoehorning AI tools into existing processes without a well-considered plan is likely to backfire. Many companies overestimate AI’s current capabilities, while others may overlook its potential downsides.

Mar 1

Contentstack Launches Marketplace

Destination CRM

Contentstack today launched Contentstack Marketplace, a hub for partners and customers to contribute to the community, populated with integration apps, extension apps, and starters, including one-click integrations for Algolia, BigCommerce and Cloudinary.

Feb 24

Contentstack Now Runs on Microsoft Azure

Destination CRM

Contentstack, an Agile content management system (CMS) provider, is now available on Microsoft Azure. The solution had already been available on Amazon Web Services.

Feb 15

Headless CMS Is Not Taking Over the Market... Yet


As much as the world of content management has changed, it has also not changed so much. A recent study from Storyblok, provider of a headless CMS solution, confirms this, but it also raises some questions about what organizations see as the future of their Web and digital experience technology.

Feb 15

Reinventing the Digital Experience Platform


The days of monolithic all-in-one platforms are fading. Marketing technology vendors are moving toward “composability,” which offers marketers the freedom of choice they want by selecting best-of-need products that best suit their marketing organization and business needs.

Feb 9

Contentstack and Sputnik Digital Join Forces to Accelerate Axelos’s Digital Transformation

Financial IT

Contentstack and Sputnik Digital, a digital engineering agency have joined forces to serve best practice certification leaders Axelos. Axelos will use Contentstack to power as part of a programme to of digital transformation. As part of the project, Sputnik has joined the Contentstack Catalysts partner program.

Jan 20

Todd Rathje Joins Contentstack as Chief Revenue Officer


Contentstack announced it appointed Todd Rathje as the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Rathje will lead the global sales, success, support, partnerships and enablement services teams to build deeper relationships with customers and grow Contentstack’s market presence.

Jan 12

La Perla Beauty Launches Digital Stores on Contentstack and BigCommerce

Retail Technology Innovation Hub

La Perla Beauty will launch multiple storefronts on Contentstack and BigCommerce, with build and implementation from Like Digital.