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Contentstack for Developers
Contentstack for Developers - Introduction
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1. What We'll Build

Contentstack for Developers

15m 21sIntermediateReleased: May 21, 2023

The Contentstack Developer Onboarding Course is designed to equip learners with comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of the platform, including its architecture, APIs, SDKs, and the process of creating a NextJS web application. 
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Throughout the course, learners will receive detailed instruction on how to utilize Contentstack's features to build robust and scalable web applications. They will gain a deep understanding of the platform's architecture, enabling them to develop applications that take full advantage of Contentstack's capabilities. 

Additionally, the course will provide learners with hands-on experience using Contentstack's APIs and SDKs, enabling them to develop efficient and effective web applications. By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to create high-quality web applications using Contentstack.

Skills Covered


Topics Covered

Management and Images
Content Delivery API
Using the Images API
Creating the Hero Detail Page
Creating the Hero Gallery Page
Design Patterns with Content Types

Deploying the Starter App with Contentstack Launch
Importing Content with the CLI and CMA
Working with Roles and Permissions
Automate - Using an HTTP Connector to Send Data to a 3rd Party System
What is the Contentstack Apps Marketplace?
Using Marketplace Apps
Installing the NextJS Starter App with the CLI
Helpful Developer Resources


Objectives for the Contentstack Developer Onboarding Course:

1. Understand the basic concepts and terminology related to Contentstack and its platform.
2. Gain a deep understanding of the architecture  of Contentstack.
3. Learn how to utilize Contentstack's APIs and SDKs to develop web applications.
4. Understand the benefits of using Contentstack for web development projects.
5. Learn how to create a NextJS web application using Contentstack.
6. Learn how to manage and configure content types within Contentstack.
7. Develop a working knowledge of best practices for web development using Contentstack.