REI's composable transformation advice

REI's composable transformation advice
Kat Valdre and Jason Greely from the REI Platform engineering team share their composable transformation story. They discuss the challenges they faced while decomposing their monolithic architecture and their approach to building trust across the organization as they embark on a years-long transformation. Their transparent and refreshing perspective on tech transformation will resonate with anyone who feels their progress is slower than they (or their organization) would like to move. Kat and Jason provide valuable insights and advice for any business making a major technological shift. 


1:41 What were things like at REI before they decided to go composable
04:06 What pushed REI to start their composable transformation?
06:25 The importance of introducing changes in manageable parts
07:54 What composable will enable for the business
11:17 Advice for companies embarking on composable transformation
12:55 Dealing with differing opinions and disagreements
13:57 The importance of documentation
16:41 Hurdles and challenges REI has faced along the way 
18:50 Managing expectations and maintaining morale when transformation takes a long time

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