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Content migration and future of content with Informa’s Narisa Wild

Content migration and future of content with Informa’s Narisa Wild
This week we dive into the complex topic of content migration with Narisa Wild, who has spearheaded the digital transformation at Informa, a global B2B events and information services company. We cover the drivers behind content migration, and how to make data-driven decisions about migration and transformation processes -- and how AI is going to offer new opportunities, not just for migration, but for taxonomy, content, and the events space overall.


1:06 What does Informa do?
1:43 Narisa's role in digital transformation 
2:23 3 drivers for content migration
4:08 The #1 content migration question
5:04 Where content creation fits in
7:22 Why a composable stack makes migration decisions easier
10:21 How dashboards help
11:43 The future of content at Informa
13:53 How AI can aid content migration
16:57 How AI can impact event CX strategy 
18:27 Looking deeper at the future of enterprise content

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What is a Composable Digital Experience Platform? With PostNL's Jurre van Ruth

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