Moving from monolith to composable with ASICS' Mindy Montgomery

Moving from monolith to composable with ASICS' Mindy Montgomery
Mindy Montgomery, Sr. Technical Product Manager at ASICS, describes the brand's journey from monolithic technology to a composable customer experience ecosystem. She describes how their eCommerce, omnichannel, and partnerships brand experiences are underpinned by composable technology, and how all of that stems from their brand mission - "A sound mind in a sound body".

Learn about:

- The ASICS vision for the truly omnichannel customer experience 
- How the company moved from a Salesforce monolithic platform to a composable stack
- What Mindy has learned about how to run RFPs quickly, efficiently, and effectively


1:01 The ASICS omnichannel vision
2:30 The company's journey to eCommerce and composable technology
3:57 The brand promise that is driving technological strategy at ASICS
4:39 The composable model supporting future brand extensions inside the ecosystem platform
6:33 Moving off the monolith 
8:11 What's next in eCommerce for the brand
10:09 Tips for surviving the RFP process
13:06 Trust your internal knowledge - and instincts when it comes to vendor conversations

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