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Ritchie Bros. enables marketers and frees up developers with API-first CMS

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Ritchie Bros., a global company operating in over 15 countries with 40 permanent auction sites, needed a dynamic content solution that would allow their marketers to control content and give their engineers the freedom to develop efficiently.

They chose Contentstack as their headless CMS because of our granular control for content editors, API access for efficient development, regional management and localization capabilities, and simplified maintenance requirements. Contentstack gives marketers a user-friendly editing experience and provides engineers with APIs to easily manage multi-channel content.

Since partnering with Contentstack, Ritchie Bros. accomplished:

  • Less development effort needed to maintain and improve solution
  • Marketers can independently create and publish landing pages
  • Simplified customization of regional content

"It’s now extremely easy for the marketing team to go and change content, and that immediately flows to the website without needing any technical assistance."

— Michael Harker, Director of Product, Ritchie Bros.

Download the case study to learn more about how Contentstack’s headless CMS helped Ritchie Bros. move at the speed of their imagination.

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