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Mitsubishi Electric deploys headless CMS across 21 EMEA sites

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a global electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company. The Factory Automation EMEA (headquartered in Germany) manages sales, service and support across its network of local branches and distributors throughout the EMEA region.

They wanted to migrate from a legacy content management system and accelerate content publishing to create a more responsive digital destination for their diverse and distributed audiences.

They chose Contentstack because they could seamlessly deploy our headless CMS to 21 different EMEA sites, make better connections to local sales offices, and empower the local sales leadership with the ability to create their own content.

Since partnering with Contentstack, Mitsubishi Electric accomplished

  • Faster content publishing and localization
  • Empowerment of local teams across EMEA
  • A drastic reduction of reliance on external parties

“Embracing headless CMS, especially the concept of providing centralized content for individual localization alongside all-local content, was a new way of doing things. We underwent a big learning curve. This was not only with the technology but also increasing our autonomy and no longer relying on our supplier. This has begun to pay dividends as we now see much more content from local teams that resonates with their markets.”

— Andrea Intveen, Website Manager, Factory Automation EMEA

Download the case study to learn more about how Contentstack’s headless CMS helped Mitsubishi Electric generate more leads, leverage localization capabilities and empower teams to work with more autonomy.

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