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Salesforce Einstein is a modern AI tool that is changing the way companies approach analytics. Through its built-in deep learning models, it offers insight from the compiled data and identifies trends within the data. This data is then used to make recommendations for future strategy. The purpose of Salesforce Einstein is to empower sales and marketing teams with comprehensive and up-to-date views of customers and sales prospects.



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Salesforce Einstein

Contentstack offers a variety of ways to integrate third-party applications, such as Salesforce Einstein, directly into your headless CMS. With the Salesforce Einstein Experience Extension, you can perform different analytics on the text content of your entry, without having to move out of your CMS.

Using Contentstack, you can integrate the Salesforce Einstein extension into your content type which will enable you to perform text analytics by using Einstein's Language APIs to infer the sentiment or intent behind the content. This allows content managers to run sentiment analysis on the text and display the findings on the sidebar of your entry page.

Contentstack and Salesforce Einstein Integration Use Cases

Infers Insights From the Data

Einstein is capable of analyzing millions of data points on any number of "triggering events," such as incoming calls, a sale, and even the use of an "internet of things" device. Integrating Contentstack with Salesforce Einstein enables you to perform data analyses on the data that you have gathered and infer insights to help guide content creation and delivery.

Craft Business Strategies

Salesforce Einstein can convert raw data into meaningful information to better create business strategies for the future. The integration of Contentstack with Salesforce Einstein can help businesses increase sales and customer engagement.


Salesforce Einstein is capable of validating every piece of data. It digs deep into customer sentiments in various ways, such as social media posts, and provides useful results. For example, a salesperson can use Einstein to examine pipeline data and provide a list of customers who are more likely to convert and suggest what content can help these customers move down the pipeline.