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Ooyala provides an end-to-end online video platform, known as Backlot, to make the publishing of videos online easier and allows broadcasters, operators, and media companies to import, manage, deliver, and monetize their content. Customers can upload and manage their videos either through a web-based interface or through a desktop version of Backlot. Ooyala then transcodes the videos to multiple bitrates and formats to optimize the viewing experience.

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Using Contentstack, you can embed and display information from your Ooyala account directly into the CMS environment.

Use Cases

Enhanced Digital Experience

Ooyala can help your business generate massive ROIs by enhancing the video and overall digital experience of customers. By integrating Ooyala with Contentstack headless CMS, you can take a strategic approach when delivering a digital video experience, so you can stay ahead of the competition in this fast-evolving space.

Video Library

Managing a video library in a CMS can be overwhelming, especially if it contains hundreds of videos or more. Using Experience Extensions, you can tap into the power of an industry-leading video platform to present an easily digestible video library to both your content editors and to your end-users.

Video Playlists

Instead of just single videos, you can create and manage entire video playlists for your site or your application. Simply add the Ooyala Experience Extension and compose playlists from a handy drop-down list.