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Over 500 leading brands around the world leverage Monetate’s testing and personalization solutions to influence $200B+ in revenue every year.


North America and Europe

Maryland, United States

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As a global leader in conversion rate optimization and personalization software, Monetate’s mission is to empower brands to interact uniquely with each customer at scale, delivering optimized experiences through testing, segmentation and AI-powered personalization that drive business results. Founded in 2008, Monetate processes 1M+ data points per second, using real-time customer behavior to create audiences and serve relevant experiences that drive higher engagement, loyalty, and ROI, for lasting and transformative results.

In 2019, Monetate joined forces with Kibo Commerce to build a unified collection of ecommerce capabilities that enables brands to infuse testing and personalization across their business, delighting every customer, every time, at every touchpoint.

With the combination of Contentstack and Monetate, optimizing customer experience by achieving content personalization at scale is easy. Monetate has the platform intelligence to personalize, while Contentstack powers delivery of that content to your various channels.