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Metalsmith is a lightweight, very flexible, and pluggable static site generator. It produces static build files that are built from the source files and ready to be deployed on a web server. It offers various templating engines that enable you to run the templating language on the static site generator and also on your content editing platform. This saves a lot of development time and consistency in the generated output. As a result, Metalsmith is highly used for creating sites such as blogs, technical documentation, and knowledgebase.


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Contentstack integrates with Metalsmith seamlessly. Their integration results in a best-of-breed system that takes care of content management and website development tasks. Here, Contentstack serves as the body (backend) and controls your content management and delivery operations. Metalsmith, on the other hand, serves as the frontend and helps you create websites.

Contentstack and Metalsmith Integration Benefits

Easy to Create Landing Pages

If you want to create gated downloadable content such as any promotional content (this could include a webinar form, a content download form, or an event form), you can add the Marketo Forms Experience Extension within the content types of your Contentstack CMS, which lets you easily insert the relevant form for your site’s pages.

Lead Conversion

When the website is slow, it affects the lead conversion rate massively. Slow websites increase bounce rates and greatly impact your chances of lead conversion. Contentstack and Metalsmith work together to ensure the content on your site is easy to create and is fast to load.

Increased Revenue

Faster load times lead to satisfied, converting customers. One e-commerce company saw that with a 2-second improvement in load time on their homepage and product pages, the conversion rate increased by 16.5%.