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Oracle Eloqua is one of the most powerful marketing automation solutions on the market. Designed specifically for B2B marketers, it simplifies the process of tracking customers through all phases of the buying cycle. With its intuitive UI, it allows marketers to create dynamic journeys of the buying cycle using its drag-and-drop interface. They can also create targeted campaigns through emails, social media, web, mobile, and search. Eloqua also provides visually appealing dashboards so teams can track and analyze the results of their campaigns.

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Using a Contentstack, you can embed and display Eloqua forms directly into the CMS environment. This field displays marketing forms such as basic, minimal, and detailed in a custom field from which users can select. Based on the selection, the form will be rendered on the presentation layer using the form details from the entry.

Use Cases

Create Static Website Forms

To create static forms such as "Tell us more about the campaign", you can use Eloqua forms to collect the information which can help you learn more about customer sentiments and derive meaningful outcomes. Add the Eloqua extension within the content types of your Contentstack CMS and select the relevant form.

Data Collection

If your app contains membership forms that require you to collect user data, you can make use of the Eloqua Experience Extension. The extension gives you the ability to conveniently access and transfer the appropriate user data into your Contentstack database.

Create a Data-Driven Content Strategy

Using Eloqua forms field will enable you to capture visitor information for your marketing database. This data can be used for various purposes. Using the information, you can create marketing strategies for your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can design marketing content that targets a specific segment of customers.