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Bluestone PIM - The only MACH based Product Information Management solution

Bluestone PIM

Americas, Worldwide, CIS, Asia, Europe, North America and South America

Wirgenes vei 8B, 3157 T√łnsberg, Norway +47 333 53 300

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Bluestone PIM

Bluestone PIM was established in 2015 to build a disruptive Product Information Management (PIM) based on the MACH principles.

The world of digital commerce is changing very fast, and traditional solutions for PIM will face major challenges in meeting future demands. We are passionate about PIM, and we started developing Bluestone PIM from scratch on a true API microservice-based architecture.

Bluestone PIM is developed to scale and to handle millions of products for our clients. We are recognized to be the most innovative and adaptive Product Information Management solution by leading analyst companies.

Manage your product information easily with Bluestone PIM

Get a rapid-fire overview of the core features of Bluestone PIM, a Product Information Platform built for the new era of digital sales. These features will enable you to work with product information efficiently and reuse content between your sales and marketing channels.