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cancelRequest() - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Entry
To cancel all Entry network requests.
cancelRequest() - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Query
To cancel all Query network requests.
CHANNELS_NOT_PROVIDED_FOR_SUB_UNSUB - Static variable in class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.Constant
CLASS_UID_BLANK - Static variable in class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.Constant
com.builtio.contentstack - package com.builtio.contentstack
com.builtio.contentstack.utilities - package com.builtio.contentstack.utilities
Config - Class in com.builtio.contentstack
Set Configuration for stack instance creation.
Config() - Constructor for class com.builtio.contentstack.Config
BuiltConfig constructor

Example :
 BuiltConfig config = new BuiltConfig();
configure(JSONObject) - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Asset
Creates new instance of Asset from valid JSONObject.
configure(JSONObject) - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Entry
Constant - Class in com.builtio.contentstack.utilities
Constants of Contentstack.
Constant() - Constructor for class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.Constant
containedIn(String, Object[]) - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Query
Add a constraint to the query that requires a particular key's entry to be contained in the provided array.
Contentstack - Class in com.builtio.contentstack
Contains all Contentstack API classes and functions.
ContentstackUtil - Class in com.builtio.contentstack.utilities
Helper class of utilities.
ContentstackUtil() - Constructor for class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.ContentstackUtil
ContentstackUtil.DateComapareType - Enum in com.builtio.contentstack.utilities
Type to compare dates.
ContentType - Class in com.builtio.contentstack
BuiltClass provides Entry and Query instance.
contentType(String) - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Stack
Represents a ContentType.
Create ContentType instance.
count() - Method in class com.builtio.contentstack.Query
Retrieve only count of entries in result.
CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_NOT_CREATED - Static variable in class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.Constant
CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_NOT_FOUND - Static variable in class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.Constant
CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_NOT_UPDATED - Static variable in class com.builtio.contentstack.utilities.Constant
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