October 7, 2021

Webhook Circuit Breaker

A webhook request may fail to retrieve data from a specific notification URL under the following scenarios:

  • The provided domain name is either invalid or does not exist
  • The API fails to respond with data within 30 seconds
  • The destination server aborted the connection

When a webhook request repeatedly fails 10 times under any of the above scenarios, the system detects the invalid URL and automatically disables the webhook configured for that client. Contentstack then marks the faulty webhook with an Unhealthy status.

If any webhook goes into an unhealthy state, webhook-related Content Management API (CMA) requests will return the unhealthy key in the response:


We also send a notification email to the concerned client (user) whenever the Webhook Circuit Breaker disables any webhook in Contentstack. To enable the webhook again, you can refer to the webhook logs and debug the issue.

For more information, refer to our Webhook Circuit Breaker documentation.

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