Integrating Search Platforms with Contentstack

If you have a large web application with a lot of content, it is important to provide a search capability that helps users find very relevant content.

Using Contentstack’s queries for small sites may work, since it can perform a full-text search of fields, but it does not support ranked results. But for larger sites—with hundreds or thousands of content pieces—it may not be a great idea, as fetching results may take longer than usual, and the results likely won’t be sorted the way you’d want it to.

Instead, Contentstack recommends integrating a dedicated search service into your application. Here’s why:

  • Get highly relevant search results, fast: Most search services allow you to index content (including files), customize the results, manage ranking within results, and filter by content by type. Hence, when users search for something, they get very relevant results in fractions of a second. 
  • Other powerful features: Apart from the ability to customize your search results, most search providers offer benefits such as auto-complete, dynamic facets, load-balanced querying, and federated search. These are very helpful feature if your site search is likely to be used a lot. 
  • Scale as you go: Specialized search services can manage significant load, and the infrastructure needed to maintain the performance can auto-scale as you grow. Scaling, therefore, isn’t a headache. 
  • Get advanced analytics: To understand how your search performs and to improve the performance over time, search providers offer analytics that show statistics on popular searches, queries with no results, popular results, click tracking, result rankings, and so on.
  • Adopt microservices architecture: Contentstack focuses on being the best content-as-a-service, headless CMS provider. For other capabilities, such as search, it’s a good idea to use the best-of-breed services that perform much better than an all-in-one offering.

Let's now see how to integrate Contentstack with different search platforms.

Integrating Contentstack with Search Platforms

Contentstack integrates with search platforms seamlessly. Below we list some of the most popular search platforms and steps to integrate them with Contentstack.

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