Contentstack Regions (Data Centers)

What are Regions

A Contentstack region refers to the location of the data centers where your organization's data resides.

Available Regions

Contentstack has data centers in two regions: Europe and the United States (US). While subscribing to a Contentstack account, you can decide the data center that will host your organization’s data.

The European region has a dedicated infrastructure set up out in the Republic of Ireland, which is independent of the US region, including dedicated app servers, databases, and login URLs. The local data residency eases compliance with European rules and regulations for European customers.

Data Storage

The European and US regions are completely separate and isolated from each other. Every piece of your organization data resides in your choice of region. This means that you cannot decide to store some parts of the organization data in one region and the rest in the other.

Note: Once an organization has been registered/created, you cannot change the organization region.

Choosing a Region

You can choose a region for your organization data while subscribing for a Contentstack (organization) account. Contact our support team at for more details.

Login Endpoints



API Endpoints

Base API URLs for the US region:

Content Delivery:

Content Management:

Image Delivery:

Assets (other than images):

Base API URLs for European:

Content Delivery:

Content Management:

Image Delivery:

Assets (other than images):

Europe Region — What it is and What it isn't

Contentstack recently announced the Europe region. Let’s learn more about this region: 

What it is

  • Although the European data center is installed in the European region, it's capable of serving customers across all of Europe and other continents. 
  • It's a separate, independent region than the US one and therefore has a different login URL, password, and API endpoints to access the organization apps and the content.
  • The level of data security and privacy is as good as in the US region.
  • The Contentstack app functions at the optimum level in the European region similar to the US region.

What it isn't

  • It is an independent data center and therefore doesn't work as the fallback or disaster recovery option for the US region.
  • It is not a backup of the US region and the data stored in the European region cannot be accessed by anyone from the US region.
  • You cannot store a part of your organization's content in the European region and the other part in the US region. If you choose the European data center as your region, all of your organization's data will reside in the European region.
  • The API endpoints for the US region will not work for the European region. The European region has its own separate, dedicated API endpoints. They are given above.

FAQs about Contentstack Regions

Check out FAQs on Contentstack Regions.

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