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Please refer to our Fair Use Policy for the number of Environments allowed per Stack, or contact Sales or Support team.

The base URL is the consistent part of the destination’s web address. It helps Contentstack to identify the destination to which you will publish the content, for example, www.yourdomain.com.

You can enable the “Deploy Content to Server(s)” option if you are using Contentstack’s web framework for your websites. When you enable this option, the content that you publish via Contentstack is saved in the local file system of the web server.

Subsequently, whenever there is an incoming page request on the website, the content is retrieved and rendered directly from the local storage, instead of fetching it from Contentstack database via APIs. Learn more about this in the environment's documentation.

No, you do not need to enter the base URL while setting up the environment for your mobile application. This is because the apps fetch content directly from Contentstack via APIs.

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