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# ************* Module utility checked using pylint **************
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import json
import logging
from urllib import parse

[docs]def config_logging(logging_type: logging.WARNING): """ This is to create logging config :param logging_type: Level of the logging :return: basicConfig instance """ logging.basicConfig( filename='app.log', level=logging_type, format='[%(asctime)s] {%(pathname)s:%(lineno)d} %(levelname)s - %(message)s', datefmt='%H:%M:%S' )
[docs]class Utils: """ Utility for the contentstack """
[docs] @staticmethod def config_logging(): """ Setting up logging """ logging.basicConfig( filename='report_log.log', format='%(asctime)s - %(message)s', level=logging.INFO )
[docs] @staticmethod def setup_logger(): """setup logger for the application""" return logging.getLogger("Config")
[docs] @staticmethod def log(message): """this generates log message""" logging.debug(message)
[docs] @staticmethod def do_url_encode(params): """ To encode url with query parameters :param params: :return: encoded url """ return parse.urlencode(params)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_complete_url(base_url: str, params: dict): """ creates complete url using base_url and their respective parameters :param base_url: :param params: :return: """ if 'query' in params: params["query"] = json.dumps(params["query"]) query = parse.urlencode(params) return '{}&{}'.format(base_url, query)