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Contentstack Marketplace is Contentstack's very own app distribution platform. Customers can easily expand the capabilities of their Contentstack web application using our Marketplace apps.

Apps are a new type of integration provided by Contentstack that allows you to connect quickly with third party services. Apps are enhanced versions of extensions and can be installed and uninstalled easily.
We support two types of apps, organization apps and stack apps.
    Organization Apps: Organization apps utilize organization-level scopes and permissions.
    This means organization apps can manage users and roles at organization level. These apps can target SCIM functionality at organization level.
    Organization apps use OAuth to authorize users for user tokens.

    Stack Apps: Stack apps utilize stack-level scopes and permissions.
    This means stack apps can manage UI experiences at stack level.

    Both Organization Admins and Stack Admins can install relevant Marketplace apps.
    Organization Apps can be installed by organization admins only.
    Stack Apps can be installed by organization admins and stack admins only.

    Make sure you are the stack admin of the stack where you want to install the app. For organization admins, check if you are a member of the stack where you want to install the app.

    Marketplace apps are enhanced versions of extensions. Using extensions is currently a manual, and developer-centric experience. Whereas Marketplace apps are quite easy to install and can be used by any audience regardless of your expertise.
    Apps also allow you to overcome few limitations of extensions.

    No, Stack Developers and Content Managers cannot install apps from the Marketplace.
    They can request app installation from stack admins using the app request feature in the marketplace.

    Non Organization/ Stack Owners/ Admins can request for Marketplace app installation in the stack of their choice. The request is sent to the admins.
    Admins can view these requests in the Marketplace > Manage > App Requests section and then decide whether to install the app or reject the request.

    Contentstack Marketplace offers easy, quick installation and hosting of starter apps. Starters in Marketplace are designed to help beginners learn how to build websites using Contentstack.
    Navigate to the Contentstack Marketplace page, then goto the Starters section to install the app of your choice.

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