Management Token FAQs

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Both management token and authtoken give you read-write access to a stack and you can use them to make authorized CMA requests. However, an authtoken is a user-specific token, which means that your personal user details are attached to every API request that you make using the “Auth Token.” 

Management tokens, on the other hand, are stack-level tokens with no users attached to them. Since they are not personal tokens, no role-specific permissions are applicable to them.

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There is a maximum limit of 10 valid tokens that can exist per stack at a time, to execute CMA requests. If you already have 10 valid tokens, creating a new management token will automatically cause the oldest management token to expire without warning. 

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Yes, management tokens can be used to create, read, update, and delete published as well as unpublished (draft) content of your stack, irrespective of the publishing environment.

Yes, you can set an expiration limit for the management token of your stack. Alternatively, you can also opt to generate a management token without an expiry date.

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