Delivery Token FAQs

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Both Access Token and Delivery Token gives you read-only access to a stack, however, both are different. Access Token lets you retrieve published as well as draft (unpublished) entries irrespective of the environment. Whereas, Delivery Tokens retrieves only the published entries of the environment with which it is associated.

You can create up to 20 delivery tokens in a stack.

Scope, in this context, is the environment with which the given delivery token is associated. For example, if you create a delivery token with the “production” environment in its scope, the delivery token will fetch the content of only the “production” environment.

No, you can use it only to retrieve published content, and not to create or update content.

No. Delivery Tokens can be used to fetch only published content of the associated environment. It cannot be used to fetch unpublished or draft content.

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