Contentstack Regions FAQs

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The European data center is completely separate from the North American data center. So, if you choose a region for your organization, the whole data of your organization will reside in the selected region.

No. Data is NOT shared between the European and North American data centers. Both the data centers are 100% separate.

The base API URLs to access the European region content are different from those of the North American region. Refer to the API Endpoints section above for more details.

Yes. New product features and updates will be available in both regions. When a new product feature is released, it's first made available to the North American region. Then, in the next 2 weeks, the same feature will be available for the European region. We will keep our customers informed about the release dates through the pre- and post-release emails.

The North American and European data centers are completely separate from each other and not meant to serve as a disaster recovery mechanism if either of them goes down. Within each data center, we already have an efficient disaster recovery system in place that works to ensure continuous and high availability during an outage.

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